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ESTA Visa Requirements

Are you searching for information on ESTA visa requirements? If so, you have come to the right place. Most people traveling to the United States by air or sea should fill out the ESTA form before they embark the ship or flight. In case you live in a country that is participating in the VWP of the US, this is a mandatory step whenever you plan to visit the US for business, leisure, and transit purposes. If you don’t have the ESTA, you might be denied boarding the flight or ship or sent back home. That is why the ESTA visa is mandatory for anyone who lives in a country that participates in the visa waiver program and plans to travel to the United States for business, pleasure or transit purposes. Here are some things to remember when you are applying for the ESTA USA visa.

The first thing you need to do is to book the ESTA online before you buy the ticket to board the flight or ship and book your hotel in the United States. This is important in case you are rejected to prevent you from losing the time and money. Visit the ESTA web page of the US Department of Homeland Security. You can easily fill the form since there are instructions on how to fill the form in your choice of languages. But you need to fill the form in English. The entire process will take only about five minutes the most. You should pay $14 for the authorization. Make sure that you have a valid credit or debit card to make the payment online. These are important things that you need to consider when applying for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization when you are planning to travel to the United States for business or pleasure.


The ESTA Visa Waiver Program Helps Travelers To The US Get A Break

The ESTA visa waiver program is quite the convenient workaround for people traveling to the US. You would otherwise have to get a visa approved for your trip, and that can be a slow and dramatic process indeed. You would have to do an in-person interview at the consulate, and well, you get the idea. With the visa waiver program, you get to handle your application online and be on your way to the US.

There are conditions that have to be met. The list of countries whose citizens are eligible for the VWP through ESTA is available on the Homeland Security website. You will want to check certain eligibility requirements like that before you start your application. Then you can just proceed through the application process to check and see if you get approved for the ESTA visa waiver program.

You might not be aware that you actually need what’s called an e-passport. It is now required, so make sure you look into that. It should also be mentioned that the ESTA program and approval doesn’t guarantee a person entry into the US. This needs to be mentioned because it is the official word from the Department of Homeland Security, the site where you apply for ESTA.

People certainly don’t need to be misinformed. The ESTA allows you to travel to the US, and yes, you are ‘supposed’ to be allowed to gain entry at that point. Yet gaining entry into the country is something that customs officers are going to determine after you arrive in the country in person.

While that may not necessarily be peace of mind, it’s just protocol. Once approved for the ESTA, you’re supposed to be good to go. It just means that you have to prove yourself in person. After getting approved for the ESTA, you can make your travel arrangements.