ESTA Visa USA Application Information And More

Have you recently applied for the electronic system for travel authorization on the Homeland security website? You might be checking on your application to see if it has gone through. This is something that you probably don’t have to go through if yours was instantly approved. However, it might be necessary to provide additional information. Many people are confused as to why they will actually need one. If you have never applied before, you can get one if you are on the VWP list. If your country is listed there, and you don’t currently have another visa, you can get one to allow you to travel for up to 90 days in the USA.

Top Reasons That People Get One

If you are on the list of countries for the Visa Waiver Program, and you are coming in for school, or for a vacation, you should have no problem getting one. The application process is painless, and the approval process will only take a short amount of time. You are going to need your valid passport and to provide information that is on it. You also need to have a valid credit card or debit card to make your payment. Even if you have a passport, traveling into the United States does require the ESTA visa USA before you can come in.

How Early Should You Submit Your Application?

As a general rule, you should always do this a couple weeks before you go. If there are any complications, they can be resolved by the time you have to leave. If you are part of the approved countries, and your passport has been validated, you can actually apply a few days before you leave. It’s just good to make sure that, if there are complications, this will not affect your trip. You can go to their main website and apply for the ESTA visa USA, a process that will only take a couple of minutes.