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New Zealand Holidays Will Ask Brits to Pay for A Visa

With the new travel mandate for New Zealand this coming October 1, 2019, Britons will need a valid eTA to travel going to NZ. It will apply to tourists who are arriving by plane or a cruise ship. The New Zealand visa application for the new travel policy opened last July 1, 2019.


How to Apply for A Visa

Holidaymakers can process an online application and will not consume too much time to accomplish. The eTA is valid for two years. It will cost them 9NZD for the New Zealand visa application process via mobile app and 12NZD if they purchase it online.

The Foreign Commonwealth Office revised their travel information explaining the new provisions stating that British nationals who will travel by cruise or air without a permit will require to carry an ETA to enter New Zealand by October 1, 2019. You don’t need to worry though if you already started your New Zealand visa application for you can still use it once approved whether it is for temporary or resident to enter the country without ETA.


In conformity with the government of New Zealand, the new permit will help improve the process of assessing the travelers before arriving in the country. It is also time-efficient when it comes to strengthening the border and border clearance.

Aside from that, Brits will also have to shell out for the IVL or the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy. As per FCO, the IVL will be presented together with the ETA and will pay around 35 NZD. The IVL’s validity will depend upon the expiration of the ETA.

Britons should also make sure that their passport is valid for a minimum of three months until they depart the country, compared to the present requirement of one month. If you don’t have enough time to process your New Zealand visa application, NZeTA can be the answer for you to visit the country.

Fast Facts About New Zealand

With around 3.7 million tourists, New Zealand is immensely popular for travelers. Also, according to a survey conducted by Big 7, a travel site, NZ has the sexiest accent in the world. It sounded like the Australian tone, but more charming according to the travel site. There is a  lot to visit and experience in NZ, and you won’t regret going there.