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Three (3) Common Mistakes Tourists Make When Visiting New Zealand

Whenever you go to a location you haven’t been before; you tend to wander about and feel uneasy. Why? That’s because you don’t know anything about that place! And these situations are where people commit mistakes on many things. New Zealand is a country located on the southern-most part of the globe, and accordingly, it’s also one of the last places on Earth where humans established their roots. It’s a unique country, and often visitors find it surprising at times!

Below are some of the common mistakes tourists or visitors make when they visit New Zealand:

Getting Jet-lagged

Being located in the southern-most part of the globe, getting to New Zealand would require long hours of air travel, and crossing several time zones. Tourists tend to get excited and proceed immediately to their planned itineraries. Yikes! Never underestimate the effects of jet lag. So what should you do about it? Get some rest first after your flight. Drink lots of water and try to avoid alcohol (if you can) upon your arrival.

When You Want To See Everything

New Zealand may look small in the world map, but the places to visit and the sceneries to enjoy are vast! You will need two weeks to go around and enjoy the sceneries in the North Island, and two more weeks to enjoy the South Island. 

If your time frame is only for a short period, perhaps, it would be best to focus your itinerary on the spots you wanted to visit first. New Zealand has so many to offer, try to visit places where tourists don’t often visit. Try visiting somewhere new! Be adventurous and explore!

If you want to enjoy New Zealand, it would be best to travel during the off-season. Most tourists travel there during the summer season (December to February). It would be to your advantage if you visited during spring, fall, or even winter!

Following Rules

Cars in New Zealand are right-handed, so if you’re driving a car, always remember to stay on the left side. Another thing to remember: even if the roads are open and long, and nobody else is driving around, never go overspeeding! 

If you want wines for your dinners, choose a restaurant that allows you to BYO (Bring Your Own) wine! Getting charged for a corkage fee saves you more than ordering the wine directly from the “limited collection” of the resto.

New Zealanders are very friendly and approachable people, so don’t feel embarrassed if you want to ask them questions. Remember, many tourists fall in love with this country, even during their short visits. So, go and grab your ETA New Zealand Always remember, when you make new friends in New Zealand, and decide to stay for good, perhaps, that will be the mistake you will never regret in your life!