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An Application Guide for Your Oman Tourist Visa

Are you planning a vacation somewhere with beautiful natural sights, colorful history, and a unique culture? You should consider a visit to the Sultanate of Oman. Filled with hidden attractions and hospitable people, you will definitely enjoy an adventure to this beautiful country. Before you plan your visit, here are some details you need to know about securing an Oman visum.

The Oman Tourist Visa

This kind of visa can be granted to foreigners whose primary purpose to visit is touring the country. This visa authorizes the bearer to stay for a month at a time. The trip must be scheduled within six months upon approval, or it will be voided. The country is strict on the period of validity, and you will be fined 20 Riyals per day of overstaying with a possibility of detention if prolonged.

How to Apply?

There are no more service desks that allow physical appointments. The Royal Oman Police has established an e-visa application that can be completed online. You only need to go to the website, register using an active email address, and fill out the provided form. You will need to provide your travel document details like passport number, as well as your personal information and your sponsor’s information if applicable. You may also need to upload copies of your documents like passport, sponsor’s passport, company certifications, and letter from your sponsor.

Upon completion, you have to pay the application fee via debit or credit card. You will then receive a confirmation email after your payment. The results of your application can arrive after a few minutes or after several days if verification is needed.

Also, Remember These to Avoid Mistakes

  1. Review your passport validity and make sure it will not expire within 6 months before your travel date. Passports near expiry will lead to denied applications.
  2. Make sure your digital photo will fit the required standards. The background should be white, and your face should be fully visible in the shot.
  3. Be careful in inputting your passport number or travel document number, as one error can lead to a denial.

The process of obtaining an Oman visa is relatively easy if you follow all the instructions. All of these can be accomplished in no time. Don’t forget these vital details so your application process will be smooth and you can start to plan your visit to this ideal vacation spot!


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